Vietnam Low Cost House Design from Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Vo Trong Nghia1 architecture

By lowering the capabilities within home and making use of couple and low-cost materials, Vietnamese studio Vo Trong Nghia Architects has developed a prototype residence that is created for just $ 3,200 (in US dollars).

Vo Trong Nghia4 architecture

The prototype would use cheaply available neighborhood materials and an easyto-assemble structure, with corrugated polycarbonate wrapped around a bamboo sheets-lined inside.

Vo Trong Nghia3 architecture

Above the house, a polycarbonate roofing is brought up to remain water out whilst however circulating fresh oxygen.

Vo Trong Nghia6 architecture

Together with all the painless-to-erect rock frame, bamboo poles are basically laid across the superior to form a roofing. No units are important for their design.

Vo Trong Nghia14 architecture

The bamboo roofing poles double as clothes series and wardrobe. In designing much better housing to make the weak in Vietnam, the architects take advantage of multiple uses for your solitary room or space.

Vo Trong Nghia13 architecture

One example is these sleeping platforms. They fold out from the wall, but could be flipped again up, with all the bedding looped over them, over your morning.

Vo Trong Nghia10 architecture

Or, the fold-down sleeping platforms will also work developed as seating benches.

Vo Trong Nghia7 architecture

The simple bamboo-pole roof shows that daylight is diffused and primarily overhead – the top lighting for some tasks.

Vo Trong Nghia5 architecture

The floors are easy wash concrete floor floor. The translucent envelope and bamboo louvers filtration hard special sunshine while from the tropical local climate.

Vo Trong Nghia8 architecture

The concrete furniture have electric outlets for lights and netbooks. Separate out of doors kichen and bathroom are in communally contributed establishments.

Vo Trong Nghia2 architecture

As properly because wide open roof, operable windows allow cross breezes, or preserve warmth in as needed.

Vo Trong Nghia9 architecture

There is really a spartan elegance to the present prototype arrange of buildings, an business office along with a having lived space, with their concrete floors and tables, and traditional bamboo walls.

Vo Trong Nghia11 architecture

Many families in the Mekong Delta location even now live in houses seem to be not as much as eight rectangle metres in floor area.

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