Warwickshire Twelfth Century Castle Design by London studio Witherford Watson Mann

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Who hasn’t looked at a wreck and imagined the prospects of a home in one particular?

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Here’s a great renovation that captures that spirit of adventure and novelty, by leaving intriguing gaps for the imagination wander through inside of the renovation.

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The retrofit of a crumbling twelfth-century castle in Warwickshire, England by London studio Witherford Watson Mann is a single of six projects nominated for the 2013 Stirling Prize.

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The architects had already won The Landmark Trust competition, a charitable endeavour, producing the funding with which to rebuild.

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Developing behind and beneath the crumbling walls with clay brickwork to fill in gaps in the framework, a contemporary residence is produced.

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With no price range to restore the building, architectural charity for the style of a vacation residence that could be produced inside of the decaying construction.

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Surviving since the middle ages as the residence of an aristocratic English family members, Astley Castle had been in ruins considering that the mid 20th century when a fire wiped out a hospitality operation inside it.

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Now it homes a modern two-storey residence that squats within the building’s chunky sandstone walls.

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And the spirit of the original is preserved as a partial roof stretches above extensions additional in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, but alternatively of blanketing these spaces it basically forms an open canopy, producing entrance courtyards exposed to the weather.

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