Winged House Design by K2LD Architects

K2LD Architects have created the Winged House in Singapore.

A individual family members dwelling located on the distinctively processed triangular plot, the Winged House frames the website with two prominent kinds – the trapeziums. These styles unprejudiced toward the leading lookup along at the back again on the website when thirdly present majestic palms are, and of lush greenery. These embracing kinds carve out and style a midsection back garden for good and confidential gatherings.

In impulse towards the sultry environment context, the distinguished exploration took a change from lowering openings from your genuine trapezoid type to separating roofing from kind. The considerable roofing overhangs for normally ventilated spaces, are liked with considerably shelter and shade even in the seasonal major bad weather downpours.

An exploration on the roofing style walked more with all the separation of roofing from roofing. This separate with all the roofing obtained a engage in of soft and shadows in the internal living area. Spaces like the double level Dining area, the second storey passageway as well because the great Patio are all celebrated with all the overlapping break up roofing and its light-weight-weight perform. This slot is additionally far better at night time with concealed light fittings illuminating the separated. Materiality is crucial to strengthening the connection from both winged types, its living room or space in-in between and roofing on roofing.

In the intermediate space between two forms will be the leading access foyer and Living room that’s flanked with two function healthy divided granite walls, contrasting its weighty environment using the lightness on the roofs and vertical timber ranges of home. Timber is extensively utilised in the course with the home, picking a lighter design timber (Burmese Teak) to make the underside on the roofs versus the darker fire wood (Chengai) for the reason that infill medium (ie: the sun-shading displays) to set-up a perform of degree with the facade.

The vertical timber screens not simply assist in furnishing shade in the hard sun, nonetheless it allows merge the property with the lush vertical hardwood trunks in the encompassing greenery. The Winged House, in its elegant expressions and materials language, leads to an abode that sits snugly in its context from a silent ‘winged’ embrace in the website and dwelling within.

Architecture: K2LD Architects

Photography: Patrick Bingham Hall

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