Wood Blend Ceramic Design

Modern developing methods have designed it sensible for us to own a myriad of fascinating products within our buildings. Italian company Tagina makes a wire of ceramic tiles that look the same as pure and metallic woods.

The ceramic tiles, regarded collectively as Lignite, are imprinted with realistic wood grain. Each tile seems being an original item of natural stuff.

The coloring from the tiles ranges from natural, variegated wood hues to striking, shiny grey that seems just like a metal/wood hybrid.

While it might appear just a small odd to disguise ceramic tiles as wood ones, there is certainly an effective and intelligent reason powering these tiles. Ceramic is extremely challenging which enables it to endure approximately high traffic you might say that true wood can’t.

This toughness ensures that Lignite tiles are excellent for organisations as well as other high-traffic areas exactly where the look of wood will add much but actual wood type of flooring just isn’t practical.

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