Wooden House Decoration


The weekend property is normally the darling with all the household. In it we pour our prospects for being happy and, many times, we have it. The owners of this wooden residence made it.Often, second residences have souls. We at the same time love to set-up and decorate not simply give us soothing effect, we also give you a special affinity of the fact that residence would not at all times succeed.

That great feeling is while using the owners of this home, which have spent two serious years of function: “The land we had situated for many time. Fantasized while using concept of purchasing it to obtain a house , they say, and contact which has a fantastic builder encouraged us to consider the plunge “.

Niels Aben is often a businessman, user of an campground a number of miles from your house. “In the surroundings you’ll be able to practice sports mountain , non-metropolitan sightseeing or stress-free walks picnics. What I like stands out as the thought of ​​being in contact with nature devoid of getting up the comforts in the urban dwelling “he explains.

Niels and his spouse and children bet of producing a wooden house, that is tremendously insulating and integrates good inside pure environment. But in addition they sought the interior an oxygen breathe out chic and rustic style. They required a property informality weekend and maturity to a seductive place at any time of year.

The selection of one particular or two pieces of pieces of furniture and using two colors, gray and white-colored cobalt helped. “The white it seemed imperative to obtain brilliant spaces . I painted all walls, ceilings, beams, very much from the ground and furniture. The gray, current in some rooms, well-received the spirit of seriousness we wanted, as an example within the master sleeping quarters. ”

From planting season to autumn, the porch could be the star and changed location because the afternoon progresses. A simple pallet fire wood contemplative area bounded focused forest. As long impromptu gatherings inviting eating inside the night. Inside, a table for eight can be used like a work area or winter dining.

The house is broken down into two floors. In the cheaper one connects kitchen and residing environment. The top rated houses the bedrooms and uses the overhead light that filters with the skylights from the vaulted ceiling .

Doors and huge windows, constantly open when the weather-connect the interior with the exterior. And the ease of the furniture is enriched with one or two antique pieces and chandeliers that illuminate every single lodge. They give the correct feel of sophistication .







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