YAK01 House Design by Ayutt and Associates Design


Ayutt and Associates Design have accomplished the YAK01 House in Bangkok, Thailand. YAK01 could be a brand new modernly created home located on Yen Akat Road, Bangkok, Thailand.

The dwelling is specifically intended for the smaller cutting-edge day day household. It is made from a 560 sq.m exclusive land and 500 sq. m operational internal region. Even though the usable existing living place around the land is limited, the consumer required a modern residence with solar shades and rainwater protections along that has a sizable greenery area to get pleasure from.


After numerous hours of style planning and meetings, the architect proposed cantilevering virtually fifty percent of your property within the ground floor area. This would liberate extra living area from the back garden while pursuing the restrictions. The home is intended in L appearance to enhance the usable room or space and eco-friendly area. One aspect for that wall of home is created close to an adjacent plot of land to increase the green space.


The bathrooms, assistance areas, storages and staircases are designed as buffer zones to absorb the heat and supply more privacy towards leading private space on the north. Most of tumbler walls may also be from the north from the home just like a way to receive pure sunlight since northern sunlight stands out since the least intense in Thailand. In addition, 50 percent from the land is usually an receptive space for gardening that is certainly visible from every angle.


The swimming share is positioned in parallel while using the developing to bring cool weather on the home. The architect’s principal considerations are to hold the building cool during daytime and supply cross-ventilation from opposing windows for each room. The structure not just satisfies the client’s need, but more provides a natural ventilation and generous out of doors area compared with that from a smallish plot with similar encompassing elements.


The ground floor is arranged like a Thai standard house design with a middle courtyard that functions as being a function foyer and provider before accessing for the popular living space. A staircase enclosed in a very very glass box is floating through this underlying top garden as being a primary feature for the entry.

The primary living space is located inside the center as the floating pavilion where the household can benefit from the outdoor garden and swimming share. The living space directly connects towards terrace, the garden as nicely as the swimming pool with double -height folding windows that facilitate the fusion of spaces. The approach of situating a swimming pool inside back of home produces a space that is diverse and suitable to various activities.


The get better at bed room upstairs is completely cantilevered within the full time-span of front foyer. It is designed in a cubic shape to make feature architectural element. The design doesn’t only enhance the aesthetic element but more provide shading on the residence inside identical fashion being a conventional Thai house.

To incorporate a modern feeling to the home design, the architect installed customized Silver Aluminum Extrusion Strip vertically on the wall on the master bedroom and master bathroom. The strips make your home resemble a silver box floating more than a black granite linen under. This Aluminum strips may also be designed for surroundings buffer insulation to cool down the primary bedroom space.


The other two bedrooms are located on another side of your home by extending over the swimming pool on the cantilevered concrete slab enclosed by an enormous glass wall with black aluminum cladding.



Architects: Ayutt and Associates Design

Photographer: Piyawut Srisakul

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