19th Century Church Residence Design

A historic church built in 1870 with soaring ceilings, stained panes windows and all the design details you should anticipate in this type of construction is currently designed for short-term rental fees in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The church was converted right right into a spacious residence, its internal painted light for any dazzling and open result. The supplement of modular surfaces and stairways brings more living room or space without compromising the building’s original layout.

St. Jakobus closed its doors like a spot of worship in 1991. It was among a huge selection of churches in The Netherlands which are already phased out as church membership declines, proceeding because of several stages of alternative usage, such as a span like a smaller concert hall and showroom for old-fashioned furniture.

Zecc Architects acquired it and transformed it into a spectacular residence, preserving its historic facade along with the arches of its vaulted threshold. They partially taken out a mezzanine floor that’s established for concerts to recapture the church’s perception of space and aid daylight to flood the interior.

The bedrooms, a examine room plus a restroom are enclosed inside the modern modular insert, that is detached on the church construction and might be taken off should the building goes because of yet another alteration. The ex – parapet location is currently a sizable eating space, with two with the church’s original pews used as seating.

Located from the central town nearby to major attractions, the church accommodations are open to rent using Wimdu.

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