4FoldLow Table Design by George Rice for Formtank

Instead of forcing components to adhere to form, this course stems directly from materials, giving an answer to the question: what can one create at a particular standard-sized sheet of steel?

Designed by George Rice for Formtank, the 4FoldLow table is really a thoroughly-engineered alternative for this innocuous-sounding question – each reduce and crease echos careful consideration of material properties and structural stability.

The extruded, bent and manipulated structural object is topped using only one article of clear glass, featuring there’s lots of multi-faceted patterns supporting it below.

Despite (or simply because of) the rigor that pushed into it, consequence can be a lovely origamic form – as the piece of nature, its condition reflects its necessary function, evolving from mathematics and physics pretty approach purely-artistic perspective of someone standing exterior these devices.

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