A-Framed House Extension Design by dmvA

A-framed house extension trapezodial structure inspiration

A-framed property extension construction developed beside accessible construction. A-framed escapade house sit on stunning woods around small lake ought to reconvert to work as regular actions house. So an extension necessary. To follow the municipality specific making regulations, a trapezoidal wooden composition connected to a-framed house construction.

This trapezoidal-shape framework A-framed house extension building won’t take up much land, so characteristics environment just as prior to. The A-framed house extension structure is made of library and workspace area, washroom and entrance area.

frontage exterior full glazed a frame house extension design
trapezodial wooden structur A-framed house extension architecture
movable partition wall A-framed house extension structure
workspace library inside A-framed house extension structure

A special connecting range concerning existing portion and new portion of this A-framed house extension is exclusive. The columns structure of A-framed house retained, so lean column develop into unique interior essentials.

Both frontage and back trapezoidal-shape A-framed house extension are gully glazed. But for frontage exterior, a movable partition wall fitted. Black exterior contrast with beautiful bright interior design. Designed by dmvA.

existing column whiteness interior elements house extension
unique spatial interior a framed house extension interior
A-framed house extension plan structure

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