Abandoned Post Offices Architecture Design

abandoned weblog offices

Since really the only element quick about “snail mail” will be the pace it’s fading into disuse, no-a single ought to be shocked along at the expanding amount of abandoned send offices. These once-proud stores of commerce and verbal exchanges are, a particular by one, following movie leasing retailers and data shops into irrelevance and extinction.

United States Post Office – Gary, Indiana, USA

abandoned Gary Indiana post company(images via: American Urbex and RickDrew)

Like the 800-pound gorilla from the room, we must obtain the tremendous abandoned Gary Post Office out within the way… anything the (remaining) residents of Gary would enjoy to complete in actuality. Opened in 1936 to be a milestone of FDR’s New Deal design program, this rambling wreck closed during the 1970s and it is currently a millstone round the long-suffering city’s neck.

abandoned Gary Indiana post workplace(image via: RickDrew)

Located at 601 Massachusetts St. at Sixth, this spectacular Art Deco colossus was designed by architect Howard Lovewell Cheney. The developing boasts a marble bottom marred by graffiti along with the partial burning of its roofing has granted decay to rapidly accelerate indoors. At at a minimum the woods have an overabundance gentle now.

Post Office – Glenrio, Texas/New Mexico, USA

abandoned post office Glenrio Texas(images via: JuneNY)

The unincorporated local local community of Glenrio sits astride the Texas – New Mexico suggest series using the now-closed post office for the New Mexico part. Built in 1935 when bustling Route 66 was funneling Dust Bowl refugees westward, the post office’s fortunes faded rapidly after September 1973 when I-40 bypassed the community towards north. Thanks venture out to Flickr user JuneNY for documenting Glenrio’s long-shuttered post office and also other characteristics in the National Register of Historic Places-listed historic center.

Post Office – Kelso, California, USA

Kelso California abandoned post office(images via: l_c_m_tt_ and

The Mojave Desert ghost in a niche community of Kelso regained some your life in 2005 when the circa-1923 refurbished Kelso Railroad Depot re-opened since the Mojave National Reserve’s guest center. This explains why the street separating the Depot in the process as the Kelso Post Office is in a very affordable say of revive sporting freshly painted strains.

Kelso California abandoned post office(image via: Wikipedia)

A well-liked theme for photographers both equally beginner and professional, the Kelso Post Office closed in 1962 and looks as weatherbeaten as being a half-century in the excessive desert would head one to hope. This image, courtesy of Pierre Camateros, indicates the warts-and-all rugged splendor on the structure, which even now proudly units Kelso’s classic 90920 zip value.

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