Acrylic Liquid and Mineral Powder Tables & Shelves Furniture Design Ideas

When the substance hardens, you certainly not know pretty what form it may make – that surprise is portion with the excitement and uniqueness of this casting practice.

A bio-resin designed from acrylic liquid and mineral powder is poured during the wooden base, turned upside down, and spills out on to a style underneath through slits in the middle support.

The consequence differs just about every time, but essentially is made of your ripped leading (plus or minus fascinating traces and patterns) with an uneven underside – and an often-unpredictable borders issue.

Claire Ferreira (images by Roel Paredaens) included her do the job along at the London Design Festival soon after graduating with the Royal College of paintings. Shelves, tables, definitely any furnishing which has a floor is surely an intriguing candidate because of this process.

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