Aedas Limited Building Design by Ken Wai

THR350, Hong Kong, Project Design Director - Ken Wai (4)

Positioned at a hillside on the Hong Kong Island, this nine-storey private residence is set within an urban nevertheless relatively lower density location. Aedas’ Executive Director Ken Wai made a dramatic constructing that is exclusive to the background and context of Hong Kong.

THR350, Hong Kong, Project Design Director - Ken Wai (1)

Hong Kong is one of the most cosmopolitan worldwide cities in the globe. The postcard image normally portrays the city as a densely populated area complete of closely packed higher rises. Even so if a single was to strip bare all these trophies of commercialism, the island of Hong Kong at its core is a barren rock.

There is an early photograph of Hong Kong taken by a foreign settler in 1850, which demonstrates a waterfall flowing above a cliff and visually dividing the rock surface into two portions. This visual grew to become a crucial driver of the design and style notion which employs a one.5-metre grid to govern the preparing of the creating.

This is rigidly followed through on the façade to resemble the sturdy rock face but punctuated by a sculptural staircase that reflects the freeform of water and was even more reinterpreted as 3 stacking ice cubes.

THR350, Hong Kong, Project Design Director - Ken Wai (5)

This collision of types not only back links the developing to the historic setting of Hong Kong but also the recent context of the website, creating it uniquely appropriate. The powerful and dynamic juxtaposition also expresses the family’s passion for contemporary artwork.

THR350, Hong Kong, Project Design Director - Ken Wai (8)

The design and style also supplies versatility for the proprietor to convert the constructing into person apartments in the potential, ensuring extended daily life and possible for adaptive reuse.

THR350, Hong Kong, Project Design Director - Ken Wai (6)

THR350 just lately won an Award of Merit for Residential/Hospitality at ENR Global Best Tasks 2014 competitors, a Silver award for Residence and Residential Spaces at Design and style for Asia Award 2013 and a Certificate of Excellence for Residential at Viewpoint Award 2013.

It was also named Five-star Ideal Architecture Single Residence in Hong Kong at Asia Pacific House Awards 2013 and was shortlisted for Planet Architecture Festival Awards 2013 beneath the Finished Developing – House group.

Area: Hong Kong
Architect: Aedas
Gross floor spot: one,832 square meters

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