All-in-One Bar Bartule Accessory


Here is usually a gadget in whose identify need to be composed during the dictionary as being a synonym for elegant effectiveness and practicality. Two in a single or a few in a single devices, that’s something we are actually all acquainted with. But how about eight in 1? Yes, proper total examine.

Eight, meaning: an ice pail, a wine cooler, a package opener, a corkscrew, a measuring cup, a fruit squeezer, a salt rimmer along with a coaster. Eight device in one, which will save area although featuring versatility and high quality during the working out of this favored drinks. A real bar butler would I dare to express!

What attracts me will be the reality the Bartule hasn’t sacrificed elegance and quality of their effort to make a multi wine & bar software, and that is often happening.

This pretty and useful tool is offered in 6 colors for instance green, red, pink and yellow, as well as better monochromatic or achromatic ones own own just like the darker grey one – or other than them “smoke” – and also the obvious one. These very last two ones are my individual choice and also the one I’d decide to provide to be a obtainable and even carry home to provide to our little bar.

Concerning its materials, a combined stain-free – for your jar opener plus the corkscrew, recycled material – to make the citrus juicer and poly carbonate have been employed for that ice bucket.

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