Aluminum Floating Shelf Design by Torafu

aluminum floating shelf furniture secret drawer attached

At a look there exists nothing at all exclusive of this aluminum floating shelf with wooden clad. Just 34mm thickness board: easy and small furniture. But, there’s secret concealed! Yup, there exists secret drawer of 23mm for retailer your crucial and useful items, for example jewelry, passport, memorable things, and so on.

If so, wherever would have to be the secrets? There are two stubs of fire wooden that conceal magnets. The two stubs of wood will be the keys to amenable secret drawer in those a aluminum floating shelf. And it might be pleasant add-ons essential holder. Designed by Torafu.

wooden-like aluminum floating shelf simple furniture
aluminum floating shelf simple small furniture interior
open secret drawer with wood stub
aluminum floating shelf revealing secret drawer furniture
two-stubs of wood also can-be keyholder accessories
aluminum floating shelf valuable items storage idea
wooden cladding aluminum floating shelf furniture
aluminum floating shelf small furniture design
aluminum floating shelf secret drawer innovative furniture

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