Ant Farm House Design by Xrange Architects


Taipei-based Xrange Architects have developed the Ant Farm House. To preserve a preexisting indigenous stone house hold, xrange wraps a meaningful layer of 80- 177cm broad by 7m higher living spaces around it to build an “extreme” new house of outrageous proportion.

Newly supplied programs are little narrow vertical spaces that interlock much much like the spaces in an ant colony: the 1.5mx3m study is accessed as a result of a set of 7m extra tall doors; the 0.8mx5m restroom holds a visitor shower whereby hangs the learn shower and tub.


All original window and air conditioning conditioner openings was preserved and reassigned several usage: exterior or internal windows, doorways or display nooks. The form method produces a “found interior” towards the newest house on the “internalized exterior” in the previous house. The new house, made to be a steel box frame, also acts as lateral structural bracing for that stone house.


Within the sliver on the popular house, small narrow vertical spaces interlock like the spaces within an ant colony. The window openings followed the movement of new spaces and meanders round the fresh facade.


The ant farm house is definitely an outrageously proportioned add-on to an indigenous rusticated stone house; where newly included spaces are 80cm- 180cm broad and 2 stories tall. The new house functions being a structural envelope that bolsters the seismic performance on the normally poor rubble structure.


The ad-hoc openings with the older house, such as that of defunct air conditioner openings, are preserved because “found elevation”.Views of surrounding mountains as well as the city limits down below are revealed with the overlapping of new/external and old/internal windows.The resultant irregularity presents an surprising spatial signature to the home.




Architects: Xrange Architects

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