Awesome Tavira Residence Design by Vitor Villhena Arquitectura

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Portuguese architecture studio Vitor Vilhena Arquitectura created this striking house in Conceição, Tavira, in the south of Portugal.

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The home consists of two reduced, angular volumes connected by an enclosed glass walkway.

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The walkway creates a curious sensation with a view to each side from a protected middle.

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At distinct instances of the day, it gives an everchanging perpective on the surrounding countryside.

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The two volumes and the connecting glass walkway produces an enclosed courtyard.

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The volumes of stark white pop against the blue skies of Portugal.

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The interior is amazing and glossy, all shiny white surfaces and a hugely polished tile floor.

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The smooth indoor tiles proceed outdoors, extending the great white interior into the heat outdoors.

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Awesome turquoise waters additional extend the chilly respite of the great interior.

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The pool supplies true relief in this setting in the region’s stifling heat. The residence is set in a vast plain noted for the region’s common scrubby vegetation and olive trees.

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