Ayora Spain Minimal Modern Home Design

Situated in a very specific location of unique beauty, this house in Ayora, Valencia, Spain is usually a happy marriage in between pure and human-made landscapes. The property is over a mountain that has a castle on the top, situated inside the midst to a neighborhood which, along with to make the majestic historic castle, seems like many other companies in Spain.

The home is known by its creators at Fran Silvestre Arquitectos as House for the Castle Mountainside. It is often a stunning example of an simple, modern silhouette contrasted while using the rough sides on the mountain behind it.

Rather than modifying the land to meet the home, the architects respected the lovely plot and easily built the home to tie in with the strange terrain. This is most evident when seeing the home while while in the side; the elevation while in the front is markedly distinct than that in the back on the house, closest on the mountainside.

Inside the house, a middle void unifies 1st and second stories. Some rooms are open for the avenue in the front from the house, allowing for a bond for the neighborhood. Others deal with the rear in the lot, allowing for just a visual bond with character.

Plenty of natural light and extensive views on the breathtaking environs set aside money to an overall feeling of peace around the home on the mountain. Thanks towards the care obtained by your architects to protect this magnificent location, there’s a lot for the residents to gaze at from their truly extraordinary home.

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