Baan Citta Home Design by THE XSS


THE XSS have developed the Baan Citta getaway home in Bangkok, Thailand. This beautiful getaway home, with sweeping views with the lake on the swimming pool and lush garden, sits correct while in the center of North Bangkok’s exclusive residential complicated where can be built to look common to them with significant contemporary style multi-story homes with ample backyard space and also a community, vicinity sense.

The owners required their vacation home to become an get away with wide receptive space and where they are able to feel linked to nature; a place where they can embrace the serenity, obtain serenity and enhance both their spiritual and physical wellbeing.


The style and design concept for Baan Citta was to produce a Shambhala, that is known. Shambhala is often a mythical kingdom described for the reason that ‘Pure Land’ in ancient Buddhist texts; it will be the ultimate spiritual paradise. Traditionally, design plays while using form, space and items in the interior.

But the artist took an unorthodox approach with Baan Citta, setting their give attention to playing with all the ambience and feel in the home; setting up a flow of optimistic energy and developing a serene utopia where one could find spiritual enlightenment and shed the chaos of urban center existence without any unnecessary, for several top luxuries or stress.


The design for Baan Citta may be kept minimalistic. The developer experienced it turned out essential to draw the amazing normal beauty on the home; becoming one with nature with floor to threshold folding windows which allow for the outdoors in the home ahead flooding in.

Large floor to ceiling windows surround the home, allowing for natural light to flood the home through your day and eradicating the requirement for artificial light and with cool lakeside breezes, this also eliminates the dependence on continual ac. Again, bringing the homeowners closer to nature and also the essence of Shambhala.


Defying common hypotheses in visual arts, designer introduced a joyful and optimistic element on the home by incorporating colorful walls and bright splashes of furniture and objects towards the contemporary palette of mostly neutral colors and glass.


A large portion of the budget was allocated to fitting Baan Citta with built-in sustainable systems including the solar normal water heater, water tank and irrigation systems.





Designers: THE XSS

Designer: Catherine Cheung, Design Director

Photographer: Bobby Sum

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