BIPOLAR Pendant Light Design by Tat Chao


Montreal-based custom made Tat Chao has made BIPOLAR as component to his IN VITRO Collection. The IN VITRO Collection can be a tribute on the natural beauty along with the eclecticism with the glassware and crystal ware field.

Each supplement is meticulously handmade in Montreal, Canada with up-cycled accessories from donations or second-hand stores. IN VITRO may be the rebirth in the rejected, the outside of style, the impaired.


The BIPOLAR pendant light was born from cracked portions whilst making the candleholders from a similar series. The light expresses the are looking for to waist no material. It is developed from two wine spectacles or champagne flutes devoid of their put faitth on.

An anodized aluminum ring wraps a strip of LED lights inside center. It is available in different shapes, shades and styles varying from 6” to 16” endless. The bases utilized to generate spinning tops and yoyos. Nothing is a mess.


Designer: Tat Chao

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