Bolefloor Wooden Floors Design


Bolefloors floorboard methods make use of the natural curves from the trees and shrubs they basis from like a key layout element. Even even though they seem fragile, there’re in truth the ideal alternative for “extreme” use spaces, and are available from an ideal choice of finishes. The pattern is reached through very clever optimization engineering and technology.

The designers realize the experience of smooth wooden underfoot, and also use a respect for your entire woods that lots of some others don’t. These floorboards will place a area unique, and make the almost all from the trees they came from.

It’s also awesome how the non-straight strains they generate definitely make more of an experience of space and length from a room. Finally, it’s really a environmentally friendly option, inside their words, ensuring ‘more floors per forest’!


We like these floors for their ideal mixture of operation and attractiveness. The gallery images are sufficient to create us drool. Small spaces and significant ones can make use of the Bolefloor systems to enhance warmth and spaciousness. From a mountain chalet into a Mediterranean apartment, the Bolefloor process is well at home.


Specifications: The ground method may be designed geared to the best fussy home-maker. They are available in a very grooved or flush design, ‘select’, ‘natural’ or ‘rustic’ secondary of fire wood good quality (depending about the volume of knots you prefer), and 5 species, from modernist Maple to textured Cherry. The buffing and varnishing is under your control to choose, using your preferred local distributor.
Dimensions; As you like.

Bringing returning the curve, in type.




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