Botanical Garden Cafe Design by Kollgata Arkitektur


Kollgata Arkitektur have developed the Cafe from your Botanical Gardens found in Akureyri, Iceland that has windows resembling the branches belonging to the tree.

To commemorate the 150 year birthday while when using the township of Akureyri and also the 100 years from the Botanical gardens of Akureyri, the city council decided to commission a cafe for ones gardens. The site was around the center within the gardens, which makes it practical for to make the 150m² creating footprint.


The main objectives of Kollgata were to make a developing which could capture the heart of it’s surroundings. The Botanical gardens themselves been required to become in a very primary role with this particular new building like a encouraging point of interest, furnishing necessary services for that guests and setting up a year round attraction.

There were by now two small buildings within the gardens with certainly an example of them being among the list of oldest buildings in Akureyri, and so demanding respect especially on this setting.


The basis for our design was to build a cafe that could clearly be described as a testament on the times we reside in and at once retain while using the atmosphere currently created by these older buildings. Therefore we sought inspiration within their form, colors and scale and that we looked to locally manufactured and tested materials to help keep while using ideas of sustainability and heritage.


Materials that could also enable us to implement modern specifics with precision. It was important for us that these modern details could well be delicate and exact to remain this new building humble, honest plus much more in effect with both the healthy surroundings and also the small buildings already on site.


Also affecting the design was the buildings bond using a regular regions and spaces around it intended for the visitors. This created the dependence on large windows and strong visual bond with all the vegetation, trees, picnic areas and walkways surrounding the cafe.


Architects: Kollgata Arkitektur

Photography: Helga Kvam

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