Brick Habitat Design by Chooi-leng Tan

We publish our buildings with nature everyday by placing house plants, bird feeders and birdhouses in and around our homes – but Brick Habitats why don’t we share our walls from a quite literal sense.

Brick Habitats will be the designing of designer Chooi-leng Tan. She invented these ingenious modules to aid bring nature back towards places it’s got been unceremoniously pushed out of: residential neighborhoods.

The suite is made of three different forms of unique bricks. They could be utilised alone or in combination to incorporate planters, habitats and feeders to create the flora and fauna you prefer to to support.

Bowl-shaped pieces may be used upright or inverted to set-up habitats, feeders or perches for birds or insects. A bowl-shaped brick having a ring-shaped piece above it may be used being a planter for herbs, vegetables or lovely flowers to make your personal customized vertical garden.

Of course, the Brick Habitat bricks would need to become integrated during new construction mainly because they may be built being section on the wall itself. The designer doesn’t describe what happens if among the many special pieces gets damaged or broken off. But the design remains inside concept stage, allowing time for a lot of refinement before the concept is ready to be brought to the real world.

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