Brilliant Paperweight Holds Open Pages Although You Study

weight that holds book open

Reading through is most likely the world’s most relaxing pastime, but if you want to use your hands for anything other than holding the book you are usually out of luck. Japanese design studio Tent has a no-nonsense way to hold your book open hands-cost-free whilst you do what ever else you like with your hands.

weight that holds book open

Book on Guide is a basic transparent acrylic paperweight that sits atop your guide to hold it open. It is guide-shaped itself so it holds open hefty coffee table books, tiny paperbacks, and even magazines.

acrylic book weight

The Book on Guide isn’t just a reading help. It can also be used to display books or magazines on tables, holding them open to your preferred page…or at least the page that you want guests to see when they come into your property.

book on book

Certain, it will nevertheless be a soreness to lift up the Book on Book every time you want to flip the page, but you will at least have a bit of hands-totally free time in in between webpage turns to appreciate popping grapes into your mouth and taking sips of soda.

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