Calm Atmosphere Minimalist House Design

fortress-like minimalist residence hold layout and style prevent noisy inspiration

How to design a house in busy and noisy area? This minimalist house design it’s possible inspired that you make relaxing located room and relaxed atmosphere during the middle of city that noisy and full of tall buildings of Miyazaki, Southern Japan.

Loot along at the exterior, from street degree this minimalist house design seem as being a fortress, surrounded by sturdy partitions. The concrete floor walls wraps entire house to separate living spaces from outdoor crowdedness.

concrete outer wall exterior minimalist house design
concrete walls wraps exterior architecture idea
inner courtyard minimalist house design for sunlight
exposed concrete wall interior minimalist house design

But, how concerning the light-weight; natural light? There are inner courtyard spaces a part of this minimalist house design, so the sun light simply comes into house plus home still bright. The interior of this minimalist house design can be a combined raw concrete surface, white walls and wood paneling. Designed by Tsukano.

wood paneling interior minimalist house design idea
minimalist house design innovative calm atmosphere idea
minimalist house interior design wooden floor
staircase area interior minimalist house design
whiteness bathroom interior minimalist house inspiration

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