Capstan Table Furniture Design by David Fletcher

David Fletcher | Capstan TableThe Fletcher Capstan Table, which repeatedly expands from the little volume into a bigger one, is one of a kind. It stands out as the actual consequence of numerous a long time of development, but additionally follows a collection of history inside a couple of along with a half centuries.

It is often a spherical table that amazingly is are able of doubling its seating capacity and, just like astonishingly, remaining genuinely circular in accomplishing this. Very significantly it suppliers its expansion simply leaves within themselves.

Operation, that can be identified as ‘pure magic’ by Boat International magazine, really is often a view to behold and incredibly quick, it using mere seconds in order to finished an overall expansion or reduction cycle.

David Fletcher | Capstan Table

David Fletcher | Capstan TableThe original strategy for any table of this kind was formed inside the nineteenth hundred years with a person named Robert Jupe, who trademarked his artwork in 1835. Jupe’s table was at 1st round, and had an ingenious geometry plus a similarly ingenious approach to which makes it expand radially, switching at a little size with a table of greater diameter.

However, Jupe’s tables could not retail outlet their self expansion leaves, weren’t absolutely round in every single stage, and was poor and laborious to use. The thought was amazing even though and was a supply of inspiration and re-invention.

David Fletcher | Capstan Table

David Fletcher | Capstan Table

The Fletcher geometry is same in concept, but radically various. It’s intricacy changes, in accordance towards the varieties of timber used, since the table metamorphoses from small to large, and vice versa. When small, the premium is created up of 6 pie molded leaves, and an external skirt inside the process of a drum table.

Under this first layer then lie two additional layers of leaves, the next made up of six arrow shaped leaves and, under that, a sizable star shaped leaf. Below most of this is placed the magical mechanism, created almost everywhere in in a combined challenging anodized aluminum and stainless steel, and strikingly lovely in its mechanised complexity.

Table leaves are constructed from aluminum honeycomb cored composite for absolute integrity and rigidity. The complete assembly is supported with a base of different design and every ingredient is entirely suitable to get a harsh marine surroundings.

David Fletcher | Capstan Table

The table can perform personally by rotation of whole top, or electrically from a pocket sized remote control transmitting unit. Operation metamorphoses the table, practically prior to you already know it, into an entirely several method and appearance, which enables it to just like simply be reversed.All tables, be they guide or electronic, rotate by 120 degrees because they operate, and electronic tables can certainly be converted to guide book.

Designer: David Fletcher

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