Casa Fontana House Design by Stanton Williams Architects


Stanton Williams Architects created Casa Fontana in Lugano, Switzerland. The short was to develop a modern residence within the steep mountain slopes previously mentioned Lake Lugano with views covering the lake, mountains and town of Lugano.


The property is effectively arranged on the mountain, with terraces extending on the inside your house to overlap inner and alternative place. Views were manipulated with wider ‘framed’ openings in communal places and small openings in more intimate rooms.


A sliding 1 / 2 cell in between the your kitchen and double-height existing room makes it possible for for sociable eating or to display screen meals preparation. Traditional materials- travertino stone, bright oak and teak weather and get a patina about time, allowing for the home to combination to the landscape.


Architecture: Stanton Williams Architects

Photography: Patrick Engquist and Simon Phipps

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