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MakerBot Rewinds With Re-Release of 3D Printed Mixtape

MakerBot Rewinds With Re Release of 3D Printed Mixtape in technology Category

It was two many years in the past when MakerBot previewed the choices of personal 3D printers, delivered in the nostalgic kind of a “press record+play” icon: the mixtape. The MakerBot Mixtape proved not only to be one particular of their very first things and downloadable 3D design and style kits, but also grew to become one of the company’s most popular pre-printed designs.

Taking a cue from the music industries’ propensity for reissues and repackaging albums, the MakerBot Mixtape is being re-released for anyone who missed the restricted 1st run back in 2012 and for those without having their own 3D printer these days.

Google Glass Design by Diane von Furstenberg

Screen Shot 2014 06 05 at 9.20.01 AM Diane von Furstenberg Lends her Cache to Google Glass Striving to make Google Glass fantastic may possibly potentially or could not be a worthwhile endeavor, but kudos to Google for providing it a number of significant tries. Its most recent try at offering the gadget fashion cache rests on the shoulders of legendary vogue designer Diane von Furstenberg, who has lent her well-known DVF brand to a variety of new Google Glass designs currently getting created supplied to consumers on June 23rd.

B&O Play x Pepsi Street Artwork Headphones Entertainment

B&ampO PLAY x Pepsi Street Art Headphones Collection in technology style fashion Category

Just as the world readies for the largest worldwide sporting event this side of the Olympics, Pepsi and B&O Play have partnered to announce the restricted edition “Live for Now” Capsule Collection of headphones, the newest in Pepsi’s “The Art of Football” global campaign merging street artwork, engineering, and vogue.

Photography Subverts Gaming Scenes

game photograph distant shot

As enhanced game graphics make increasingly photo-reasonable spaces, tasks like this blur the boundaries among virtual and actual in perception-warping ways. Check and see for by yourself: how extended do you have to stare at each and every image to ascertain what factors comes from within the game and which ones are derived from daily actuality?

game photo virtual device

game photo rain image

Referencing Jean Baudrillard (of Simulacra and Simulation), gamer and photographer Benoit Paillé of Montreal, Quebec explains his aim to “overlay a material reality with a virtual 1, erasing the border in between the two worlds … to display that we can use a virtual space in conceptual photography and strategy these regions with the same sensitivity as the bodily area.”

Vivid Glow iPhone 5S Skin Design


Glowing in the dark, the Vivid Glow iPhone 5S skins are shocking neon covers that will make your iPhone pulse colour like cartoon plutonium. These circumstances had been manufactured to stun folks.

Offered in blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow tints, the Vivid Glow skins resemble bioluminescent sea creatures more than any sort of human technological innovation.

They search like a lower-price way to locate your cellphone when you are waking up in the dark dawn. Like any glow-in-the-dark item, the Vivid Glows “charge” with organic or artificial light in the course of the day and emit the glow in the dark.