Caterpillar House Design by Feldman Architecture


San Francisco-based Feldman Architecture have intended the Caterpillar House.

The artwork for your Caterpillar House, sited around the softly rolling hills from the Santa Lucia Preserve, sought to accentuate a bond towards land. Having resided in the Cliff May home, the purchaser got within the task having a adore of contemporary ranch buildings and trying to find an environmentally-conscious result to some stunning site.


The Caterpillar House implements sustainable aspects although exploring a modern daytime model from the ranch ideals: massing which is reduced and horizontal, an wide open prepare which includes a powerful connection in between indoor and out of doors spaces, and primary existing regions which center informally on the kitchen.


Connecting basically and figuratively to make the site, excavated the planet was repurposed for the construction in the surfaces. These rammed the planet surfaces gently curve in response towards the site’s contours as well as play as being a thermal mass, regulating temperatures from day to night. Capturing rainwater for irrigation, 3 tanks proudly take a seat in close proximity for the home – an obvious sign from the offered normal water methods for landscape.


Large south-facing magnifying glaas doors open the principle located region to some significant blanketed contemporary porch so to an outdoor deck with sunshades that expand and contract to allow for for any workable entertaining area that responds towards the client’s needs.

The glazing, healthy air flow and operable shading also act as being a passive heating and chilling system, cooling the home in the summer and warming home in cold weather. Integrated photovoltaic panels help your property to create most of its power standards devoid of compromising the graceful curve from the reduced roof against the hill.



ARCHITECT: Feldman Architecture

PHOTOGRAPHY: Joe Fletcher Photography

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