Cedarvale Ravine House Design by Drew Mandel Architects


Drew Mandel Architects have designed the Cedarvale Ravine House in Toronto, Canada. This in-fill housing project is located on the threshold on the mid-town Toronto Cedarvale Ravine.

Circulation modulates through a series of intimate and expansive spaces and courtyards into a tumbler-enclosed single-narrative fullness heading towards rear with the property or home. It will be the cooking area and family place as well as the center of home. Large expanses of glass dematerialize the stone building so as to engage and be connected with its guarded woodland placing.


A cantilevered 2nd story volume frames views, gestures towards landscape and allows the re-naturalized ravine planting for being drawn farther in the website.

This abstract structure is intent on celebrating the everyday rituals of housing life and enhancing the slower unfolding knowledge from the particular site.





Architects: Drew Mandel Architects

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