Chilliwack Street House Design by Randy Bens Architect


Randy Bens Architect have made the House on Chilliwack Street in New Westminster, a suburb of Vancouver, Canada. The undertaking quick was to incorporate a fresh flooring to a preexisting 1950’s split level home, which was originally intended by an architect.

However, caused by some unforeseen conditions, the present residence needed for being eliminated. So the development is all new, along with the design retains hints on the old.


The existing property was too small to the family, so a whole new flooring was added containing a professional bedroom, ensuite, office and deck. The new upper floor cantilevers in two directions, and compliments the lower (original) cantilevered section of home.

To soften the intense geometry in your home, clear stained cedar siding was utilised on all areas to grant the composition range and heat. The inner face of every cube is lined with bluestone to deliver contrast.


The property feels really spacious in relation to its genuine dimension. There are three threshold heights employed over the property which produce amount including an expression of openness. Careful window positioning enables walls being washed with gentle and views to get operated.

The interior stuff palette is extremely straightforward – white-colored walls, rift cut oak cabinetry, and bluestone floors (and patios). Bluestone can also be featured as being a cladding materials round the trust in the garage and in the insets from the prominent “boxes”.




Architect: Randy Bens Architect

Photography: Roger Brooks Photography

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