Coffee Table Furniture Design by Brigada


Croatia-based creators Brigada have created a java table which includes a quantity of spaces designed for storing catalogs, newspapers and textbooks. A espresso table is frequently a place for non permanent safe-keeping largely of newspapers, magazines, books and papers, ending up like a genuine storage area including a little time capsule of diverse newspapers. Having that in mind, Brigada began designing a coffee table that could execute identical function in a very additional successful way.


The room or space for newspaper and magazine storage is currently the extension with the upper surface, though in the sufficient grooves, while the lower shelf is lowered on the floor tier. By reorganizing functions, magazines are actually always very easily accessible, their insures more visible, and using the larger number of grooves, they might be just about arranged. The fundamental outer colour from the table is black along with the inner areas might be personalized depending on the user’s wishes.


Designers: Brigada

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