Container Cabinet Design by Casamania


Developed by Brussels designer Alain Gilles, the Container Cabinet is modular storage system manufactured by the Italian brand Casamania.

The organization comprises of a wooden chassis beneath varied sized boxes, drawer units, fold-out cabinets and filing trays with the freedom of rearranging the cabinets as per the specifications of the user. Designer Alain Gilles describes the unit as “ A research on deconstruction and reconstruction.”

The ensemble in reality functions on a development logic, like that of a dock exactly where different containers are placed 1 on the best of another, producing an fascinating composition with varied colors and arrangements and these arrangements in flip allow various functions like that of a dresser, a media console a sideboard or a storage unit.

Owing to its versatility, the Container Cabinet by Casamania very easily adapts to various roles in various spaces, engendering itself as a self adequate method. Fabricated out of Elm wood and lacquered MDF cabinets, the Container Cabinet stands at 89.8 x 23.6 x 35 inches ( W x D x H ).


The Container Cabinet is a multifunctional and modular cabinet that is truly versatile each in terms of physical appearance and function, enabling itself to mould into any position that the consumer would like it to adapt. So if you are seeking for a piece that seems spectacular and functions like a genie, then the Container Cabinet technique, by Casamania is the one particular where you ought to cease.

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