Contemporary Bathing Design by Hafro

Sensational contemporary bathing experinces by Hafro

Hafro of Italy produce a wide range of luxury bathing systems like no other.  Their technology is clearly state of the art.  Their philosophy links their product with the natural health giving properties of water.

Images of the ocean, waterfalls and other natural water sources punctuate their product gallery which advertise numerous ways to enjoy sensational contemporary bathing experiences.

Modern shower cabin design by Hafro

This company has everything you could possibly want to transform bathing into a totally sensational form of pampering the body and in turn, the mind and the spirit.

Hafro’s range of fabulous walk in showers is good looking and highly responsive.  The sleek streamlined appearance of each shower cubicle is encased in transparent glass.  The shapes and volumes of the showers are varied to enable flexibility in placement.

Hafro conception for supreme bathing

Overhead showers and multi spray showers are available depending on the desires of the customer.  Showers that massage as well as cleanse and showers with multi colored lights provide light therapy or chromotherapy.  There are even showers that imitate a natural shower of rain, but thankfully these are pleasantly warm.

Exploring Hafro’s website is a real eye opener when it comes to learning the most recent developments in sensational contemporary bathing experiences.

Modern round bathtub

As well as the most fantastic showers, Hafro also produce an impressive range of luxurious bath tubs.  These are no ordinary bath tubs and like the showers, many are multifunctional. There are bathtubs for inside the home and fabulous hot tubs for enjoying outside the house, turning bathing into a romantic or even social event.

Contemporary bathing experince by Hafro

Continually promoting the health giving properties of bathing, links to ancient Rome help Hafro to publicize their sumptuous steam and spa facilities.

There are bath and spa designs that become desirable holistic health facilities.  Steam rooms may be used for glorious and relaxing aromatherapy treatments or even for phitotherapy which is a plant based natural way of promoting wellness.

Modern shower cabin

It would appear that showers and baths are becoming the health giving centre in the ideal modern home.  There is certainly no shame in indulging in sensational contemporary bathing experiences, especially if it benefits your general well being.

Modern bathtub design

Sensational experience with Hafro

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