Contemporary Classic Home Design by Raymond Chen

Luxury interior design

Chic and exquisite, these modern day typical home types are developed through the talented builder Raymond Chen for IS design. These diverse visualizations display incredibly tasteful combinations, smart, revolutionary home design treatments and precise concord concerning style, taste, and practicality.

Classic home design

The practice of healthy supplies, rich palette of colors, plus the unique conversation among textures demonstrate the imaginative uniqueness from the artist and his interpretation from your modern day home inside the best vintage way.

Contemporary classic home design

This classic modern living room design was inspired by the combine of different elements that make an interesting contrast concerning the excellent and also the exquisite, the sheer refinement as properly as the masculine ostentation. All of this thanks on the application of quality materials including leather, fire wood painting, and pure stone, sophisticated textures, gray and tea leaf mirror plus the complimentary ebony veneer.

The dual-standard lets a proportional equilibrium. The intimate inner balcony that overlooks the lower level makes a really special intimate atmosphere, that is absolutely incomparable. This design is absolutely a strong demonstration of extravagance but nonetheless inside an exceptionally fragile manner.

Cozy living room design

What is definitely exquisite, modern day classic interior and not using a palatial chandelier? This unique dining room region has greater than just sophistication and glamor. With its modern elements, high-priced fabric and materials, together with combinative multifunctional solutions it truly is definitely a beautiful collision between the outdated along with the revolutionary – the contemporary using the old-fashioned as well as the classic.

Classic home design idea

Fashionable style with delicate fabrics along with a plush-like sensation – this could be the ideal preference for that get better at bed room. What could give more coziness than this lovely combination? The eye-pleasing normal hues finished the calming interior around. Everything is in great steadiness.

Classic artistry and contemporary fashion streaming from a sensational interior complete of rich design palette, expensive, chic look, shine surfaces and fascinating alternative of fabric – this interior is usually described basically with 1 term “stunning”.

Classic interior design

Exquisite classic home interior

Luxury bedroom interior design

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