Contemporary Interior Design by MisuraEmme

Italian style by MisuraEmme

MisuraEmme considers itself “a great Italian brand”.  It is proud of its cultural heritage, and its continuing contribution to restyling contemporary interiors. MisuraEmme has been active since 1939 so has acquired a long and proven track record for styling streamlined modern interiors.

This has gained the Italian company respect around the globe. Their current high standing has been achieved by a long history of dedication to meeting objectives and continued reappraisal of evolving lifestyle demands.

Streamlined modern interior design

MisuraEmme are justly proud of their “made in Italy” creations. Classical Italian interiors have been celebrated for centuries.  In more recent times, Italian artists and designers were pioneers in the modernist movement.  They readily embraced the trend to throw out old values and ideas and replace these with concepts more suited to the emergence of the modern, more technologically advanced era.

The typical MisuraEmme product is simple, elegant and highly functional.  Aesthetics and practicality become one and the same.  The company makes everything from large storage solutions to a complimentary range of tasteful furnishings and accessories.  Their typical customer would enjoy the clean lines and uncluttered appearance of MisuraEmme’s streamlined modern interiors.

Contemporary interior design by MisuraEmme

 MisuraEmme has always been capable of facing the most challenging market demands. Their furniture collections are designed to satisfy a variety of tastes. They have taken a leading role in designing the most refined modern home environments.

MisuraEmme moderm interior design conception

Starting with the built in furniture and storage solutions, MisuraEmme has created a series of shelving and storage units which greatly enhance and rationalize the contemporary interior space.  Examples of these are described here.

The Crossing room system is by Mauro Lipparini, this is described as “A real innovation (which) refreshes the concept of bookcases.” The panels of the shelving unit are refined and lightweight which enables the bookcase to be suspended.  This creates a sense of visual lightness within the streamlined modern interior.

Modern living room interior by MisuraEmme

Also by the same designer is the Tao Day collection. This elegant system offers a versatile room package which may be customized to suit individual tastes.  Tao Day is available in many different shapes and sizes and may be finished in: matt or glossy lacquer or with sleek veneers.  The most recent development is the Tao 10 system which has evolved a stage further from the Tao Day collection.

MisuraEmme also design a series of stylish wardrobes and ‘walk-in’ closets.  Both add real elegance to bedroom suites and also enhance busy lifestyles.  One outstanding example is the fabulous  I-Box which is a stunning walk-in system that “…shakes off commonplace and conventional schemes…”   Here, the wardrobe area is transformed from a simple cupboard to a luxurious dressing room, complete with every modern convenience.

Interior design inspired by MisuraEmme

To complete their holistic interior design package MisuraEmme also produce a wide range of furniture and accessories.  These share the same characteristics, of simple clean lines, forms and finishes as the shelving and storage systems. So are fully compatible with the concept of a totally streamlined modern interior.

The sleek Sitin seating unit is “An exclusive modular sofa.”  It also cleverly incorporates a stylish bookcase.  This combination is an innovation which enables users to re-invent their living area according to personal tastes and needs.

The basic Sitin sofa is constructed from a series of slim wooden panels which is upholstered with luxurious and comfortable cushions.  To complete the set, the elegant bookcases may be positioned on the ends of the sofa or to its rear.  In addition, there is also a coordinating series of small tables designed to be placed in close conjunction with the sofa and bookcases.

MisuraEmme interior design ideas

Borderline is another shining example of MisuraEmma’s style originality.  It is described as a “…hymn to lightness.”   In this harmonious design, slender lines and simple volumes combine to create a light elegant quality. The sofa’s support is made from streamlined shiny steel on which a collection of luxurious cushions appears to hover above the floor.

As MisraEmme comment this sofa represents, “A true balance between refinement and modernity that renders the sofa suitable for different life styles”

This statement could be applied to all interior design elements in the MisuraEmma collection, making them an ideal part of any streamlined modern interior.

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