Croatian Furniture Design by Prostoria

prostoria transforming furniture

Anybody who has invested the evening on a pull-out sofa bed, a futon, or a transforming chair-to-bed can attest, this variety of furnishings is typically the least comfortable you’ll ever sleep on. We’ve constantly wondered why no one could feel of a comfy solution, and now Croatian furnishings producers Prostoria have figured it out.

easy pull out transforming foam furniture

The Prostoria line of transforming furnishings consists of a loveseat, ottoman, and sofa that all transform simply into sleeping surfaces with up coming to no energy. Starting in their daytime positions, the furnishings pieces attribute a unique lifting/swiveling function. The backrest of every single piece swings more than the seat and down to the floor, making a flat surface ideal for sleeping.

These flip-above furnishings pieces have backrests that rotate an entire 180 degrees to kind beds. This is  a basic but quite wise improvement on the hefty, clunky, uncomfortable sofa beds most of us are employed to crashing on when essential.

prostoria pull out foam transforming furniture

In truth, the suite of transforming furnishings is so simple to get from one state to one more that it’s carried out with a single pull tab. Grab onto the tag and pull, and the comfortable foam furniture turns into a soft and comfy foam bed in virtually seconds. The best portion? You won’t wake up above and more than in the evening with a metal bar poking you in the back.

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