Cruise Writing Desk Furniture Design by Italian Meridiani


Elegance is often tricky to realize. When designing furniture, it’s a quality to follow unconditionally. Italian business Meridiani maintained nicely in designing this beautiful writing desk, named Cruise, combining elegance with function. A affirmation presence in any dwelling space, in both cases of it being portion of another doing work room or a part of the larger living area.

The huge X -shaped legs are one particular of the keys element here, supplying Cruise its very individual character. On them rests a generous working area measuring a length of 1,30m plus a width large enough to allow for working space, while also providing safe-keeping solutions.

The safe-keeping can be chosen from the way of two drawers, one for the left and one towards right and among them two rectangular open up storage units for those those paraphernalia, like pens and pencils, tape, phone and laptop chargers.


Meridiani’s Cruise writing desk is easily obtainable in three distinct relatively finishes, the one prettier than one another ought to I point out. A special and delicate variation in the moka grey, light white stained oak veneer, a basic ebony veneer and finally a more unique type of white, greige brown chalk slatepetrol lacquer with matt or glossy finish.

Depending about the room’s style, they would each come up with a wonderful inclusion to any home. My preference can be the moca one, just perfect to accompany my cappuccino escorted working hours from my home workplace. Yours?



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