Cute Residence Workplace is a Peaceful Backyard Functioning Retreat

asul backyard office

When homeowners in Savannah, Georgia needed some added area to add an office to their residence, they knew they couldn’t alter their historic home. Rather than renovating their property to add a room, they referred to as ASUL to create a one particular-of-a-type modular backyard addition.

elevated backyard office

This 320 square foot framework sits in an otherwise-unused corner of the couple’s yard. It’s composed of a 16′ X 20′ interior and an 8′ X 20′ cantilevered, covered deck.

tall windows home office

Huge glazed windows on the north and south sides allow in lots of all-natural light to produce a work environment that is at after stimulating and cozy.

glazed windows

The tiny structure’s arrangement on stilts helps make it cute, but the greater elevation wasn’t a conscious design decision. When conducting a feasibility review for the construction, ASUL found that the yard was inside of a FEMA-regulated flood zone.

ASUL elevated modular office

Thanks to the modular nature of ASUL’s structures, they have been easily capable to elevate the tiny property workplace. The elevation performs nicely for the structure, offering it a exciting, backyard-fort variety feeling.

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