Day Spa Design by Atelier dnD


Atelier dnD have designed a boutique daytime spa in Mumbai, India. “The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.” — B.K.S Iyengar

A day spa with boutique service and healing setting of earth class stature in a very posh residential complex in south Mumbai was the brief provided within the developer. The day spa center is usually an urban oasis wedding caterers besides towards residents from the complex and also offering it’s professional service on the citizens inside city. The spa maintained by an global brand caters in functionality and also in aesthetics for the excessive standards set from the brand.


The conventional look n feel from a spa always efforts a south east Asian flavour. Due for the brand placing in addition to the aesthetically stance taken, there is a informed effort to steer away from the evident. The look attempted was to build an ambiance catering more to some European day spa with hotelier facilities.


The layout in the spa continues to be merely segregated using the greater criminal court functions like waiting, gallery and meditation spaces within the cheaper degree while using individual rub remedies rooms located heading towards upper level. Focus on texture and lighting effects helps you to make an environment which appeals to the 6 senses and accentuates the emotion of receiving pampered; the heart and soul of visiting each day spa!


Use of screens in model of wooden or shear fabrics help to segregate spaces with out compromising on the fluidity on the space. The ‘hamman’ room, is first of it’s kind in the city. It’s orange textured Walls and floating stone bed in centre framed with mosaic arch as backdrop is reminiscent from the Turkish baths.



Designers: Atelier dnD

Photography: Sebastian Zachariach

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