Dent Chair Furniture Design by o4i DesignStudio for Bla Station


Stockholm-based o4i DesignStudio has created the Dent Chair for Blå Station. The Dent chair challenges the concept while using sleek and beautiful. It is really a antithesis of perfect. It can be a chair never seen before and, we dare to say, won’t leave anyone indifferent.

The account of Dent chair started with the concept of attempting to attain the impossible: to mould a double-curved 3D covering away from standard veneer. At identical time, the story of Dent will be the story of what sort of rejected became the very limited.

We have had many years’ experience of designing chairs using traditional plywood moulding techniques, always seeking to lengthen the restrictions of that which is possible without “cheating” by utilizing high priced 3D veneer. With Dent we made the decision for being even bolder, by getting a step beyond where you’ll find already been, away from our comfort zone plus the unknown.


For us, the beauty of Dent lies from the resilience on the material, and inside the memory of that sudden, magical turn which a venture can take, once you organize to consider external the box – or don’t think in any respect!

Despite it’s rough appearance, Dent is a comfortable multi-purpose chair – also it will eventually get bigger right into a family of individuals with various finishes and leg bases, serving the different needs of most public and residential spaces.


Designer: o4i DesignStudio
Manufacturer: Bla Station

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