Double Dish Kitchen Ware Ideas


With some progressive kitchen engineering, the Double Dish is actually a bowl produced for separating your spent shells and pits from the olives and nuts you may well be enjoying. In the center of the primary bowl is a dish that serves as the primary compartment for all the snacks you want to shop. Then, the physique of the bowl is an additional receptacle for your invested bits.

It is a design and style that is perfect for the particular person like me who does not want to sift by way of a bowl of pistachios and finish up with one particular entire pistachio and twenty empty shells in your hand.

The Double Dish is also the variety of compartment / kitchen utility that does not just include further dishes. It saves area and saves you the hassle of rummaging amid pits and olives. The Double Dish is obtainable in a entirely gray layout or a white and lime green finish.



Photography courtesy of Joseph Joseph.

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