Eco Friendly House Design by Pascal Francois Architects

Architecture, Black Table With White Chair And Black Circle Lamp On The White Wall Combined With Glass Window: Cozy Barn Building by Pascal Francois Architects

In Aalst, Flanders, Belgium, you’ll find a task that is achieved by Pascal Francois Architects. The venture has minimalist idea with spacious backyard surround it. Eco friendly style is also applied in the constructing.

Somehow, its interior styles are chosen as the ideal one, taking into consideration top quality and uniqueness of the stuffs. This undertaking has two buildings, consist of lengthy square form while in the next to constructing, there’s yet another building with a half roof shape.

In a extended square constructing, it is developed by raw wooden material as its floor and wall. Specifically, wooden floor is used for a terrace. Exterior design is dominated by all-natural supplies which applies eco friendly idea.

There’s spacious living room with cozy-white sofa. Its glass window covers practically the dimension of living space. For that reason, you’re able to see lovely garden outside from residing area. This is ideal for loved ones gathering as effectively since it is presented fireplace right here. Decoration in this area is massive paintings with neutral colors.

The pool is in the middle of backyard that produces harmony among green views of the garden and organic supplies of the constructing. Inside the building, its furniture is dominated by black and white color as neutral background. Dining space has set of chairs and table for eight individuals. On the 2nd floor, primary bedroom and bathroom is provided for privacy although it produces peaceful feeling since there will be no strong noises in excess of there.

Coming to the nest building which’s positioned on the following to lengthy square constructing, this half roof building. Its roof is made of brick. Within the building, there is a square area that its wall is made of the glass so you can see what’s occurring within and vice versa.

This area is used for chatting with substantial table in which you can meet and greet your organization partners, close friends, colleagues, or any individual. Now, you can grab peace and unwind your day at this cozy property.

Architecture, Red Roof Tile And Red Wall With Concrete Brick Material Also White Floor And Rose Flower On The Pot: Cozy Barn Building by Pascal Francois Architects

Architecture, Wooden Curtain With Large Glass Wall Combined With Orange Wall And White Floor Also Stone Floor: Cozy Barn Building by Pascal Francois Architects

Architecture, White Floor With Glass Wall And Wooden Roof With Red Roof Tile And Wooden Material: Cozy Barn Building by Pascal Francois Architects

Architecture, Green Glass Wall With Black Variation Coloring And White Wall And White Floor Also Ceramic Material: Cozy Barn Building by Pascal Francois Architects

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