Ekali Private Residence Design by ISV Architects

Architecture, Brown Stair With Iron Hedge And Wooden Wall Combined With Glass Wall And Glass Roof: Ekali Private Residence by ISV Architects

Obtaining private residence may grow to be some people’s wishes. Are you one particular of them? Then you can grab a secret and special personal residence now. This residence is situated in Greece. To be exact, this place’s situated on Ekali, a single of Athen’s suburbs.

It has two stories which allows the owners have their very own privacy even though at the very same time they are ready to exhibit and retailer their art collection. Consequently, this home is divided into two functions in which the ground level’s utilised for exhibition room and its personal rooms are on the upper degree.

In ground floor, you will see spacious room for exhibition where you are in a position to present all art designs. This area is available for others and it is supported by indoor pool. The pool can have multifunction functions with its greatest objective are for generating cozy sensation at home. The stair is situated on the following to the pool which integrates to the upper level.

In the second floor, you’ll locate a number of rooms this kind of as bedroom, kitchen, residing area, and dining room. In fact the bedroom is in somewhat greater lever to anticipate noises from the street so you can rest conveniently without any disturbs from surrounding for the sake of boosting your resting quality.

Giving privacy, the house is protected by the wall in which facade encounters the greater street. Seeing in residing space, there’s standing and retaining wall that are manufactured of cantilever volume with colour. This creates a harmony sensation to the people who’ve visited to exhibition area. Neutral color, as white, dominates interior design and style at property. Apart from, the space looks greater and fresher through this color.

Among dining space and residing area is separated by nothing at all as it’s designed by open space. Coming to the court region, its layout are classified into pergola, surfaces with extended glaze, and beams. These are designed to integrate two areas of the outside and within.

Architecture, Unique Stair With Purple Light Effect And Many Green Plants Also White House With White Wall: Ekali Private Residence by ISV Architects

Architecture, Glass Material Variation White Wall And Gray Coloring With Square Model Also Many Plants: Ekali Private Residence by ISV Architects

Architecture, Green Cupboard With Large Glass And Square Washbowl And Unique Faucet Also White Curtain: Ekali Private Residence by ISV Architects

Architecture, Square Wall House With White Coloring And Glass Material Also Green Grass Yard And Gray Stair: Ekali Private Residence by ISV Architects

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