El Pangue House Design Ideas


The perfect location to appreciate the infinite Pacific Ocean is already taken by the special building in Chile. El Pangue House is positioned over a steep slope facing an outstanding panorama where the solar matches the sea… What a wonderful place to live in, don’t you agree? Let me guide you through this amazing project and its uncontrolled surprises.

This enormous 437sqm home is prepared using a middle vertical circulation, connecting 4 amounts and several terraces. The routine follows this formal distribution by taking good thing about the height offered in the normal slope on the website.

Each floor amount encloses a special part with the program: admittance is built through the lower levels, where you possibly can get a parking room or space, safe-keeping as well as an unprejudiced bath. The second level includes the public places of this incredible house, like the kitchen, a play room along with a sizable open space reserved for dining and located room.



Magnificent terraces persuade inhabitants or visitors to utilize the unique landscape that surrounds the perimeter of your home. The third level features bedrooms plus the household room, along with the 4th is exclusively destined towards the master master bedroom.



The constructive system is based in sustained concrete walls that terraces the website in three different levels even though the fourth level is conceived as being a light composition covered with fire wood planks. This contrast between concrete and wood creates a delicate sense of integration tied to the landscape. Maybe El Pangue House was really supposed to certainly be a vital portion of it…






* More data at Elton Leniz Arquitectos

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