Eroded Stool Furniture by I M Lab


Alessandro Isola and Supriya Mankad of I M Lab have intended the Eroded Stools, created out of cork. The stools was designed for just a wine testing room during the north east of italy. starting with all the kind with the pure cube the chair is excavated from your prevent of cork.

The excavated seat finds its way affordable the returning practically being a liquid may be poured on to it and flows affordable finding and making its own course. Given the principle reason on the space, purred wine can be a corollary. The excavated component towards cube are then clad in fabric.


Cork was gone for particularly as a result of somewhat of a triad of explanations.

• the primary and foremost is usually a sustainable and eco unthreatening qualifications of this natural supplies. sustainably sourced cork could be harvested without having harming or slicing the sapling. by way of its life cycle it truly is biodegradable and renewable and is particularly a a lot superior choice to other metals and plastics concerning carbon footprint from the developing procedure.
• the next factor is its relationship to the wine field.
• the middle could be the machinability with the substance allowing us to accomplish the variety we required.


The requirement was for 40-50 modules in the stool. That recommended with the fact that portions necessary to look identical. Also the complexity of the surface area meant of the fact that method necessary to become computer aided to be sure a specific amount of good quality and reduce wastage.

The progression started with layering and gluing up sheets of cork to obtain a cube 450x450x450. This was then cut utilizing a cnc milling machine. The a new sort was then hand complete to acquire the felt.


Designers: I M Lab

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