Fantastic Furniture Design by Moroso

Fantastic Upholstered Furniture by Moroso ottoman sofa patricia urquiola
The leading Italian furniture brand Moroso has rigid and uncompromising policy – it utilizes exclusively non polluting and as all-natural as attainable components when making its stylish patterns.
Careful attentions in direction of the needs of the customers, respect for the surroundings, worldwide good quality and renowned designers are the signature marks of Moroso. This divan captures us with its basic elegance and vibrant colors, but what’s actually impressive is the cozy shape and the mobility of its elements. 

This modern setup includes a comfy and modern sofa by Patricia Urquiola in a set with unique chair that invites irresistibly with is comfy form.  Colorful coffee tables with geometrical types and massive lamp full the stage.

Fantastic Upholstered Furniture by Moroso gentry divano table fishbone moroso

These chairs by Patricia Urquiola are suitable not only for domestic use but for public spaces also. They are inspirited by a fragment of a shell, broken and smoothed by the waves. They are also a replica to a Scandinavian tradition and its great master Arne Jacobsen.

Fantastic Upholstered Furniture by Moroso moon chair tokujin yoshioka

Perfectionism and the properly-identified Japanese aesthetic of simplicity- meet in this assortment- inspired by the light and the shadows of the moon.

Fantastic Upholstered Furniture by Moroso oasis collection

The carpets that accompanied the collection of Atelier Oï are nuances on canvas that have been re-interpreted in a new way. These versions are bleached and re-colored, marched and rewoven by skilled weavers who are working with full respect towards the unique materials and have achieved extraordinary results.

Fantastic Upholstered Furniture by Moroso oasis collection atelier oi

The inspiration for this furniture comes from a calligraphic gesture it is almost like an arabesque on canvas that has a taste of the orient. The iron frame is curvet in oblong shapes- without having sharp angles-and holds the fabric, which can be modified with each season, offering the chair a diverse appear every single time.

Fantastic Upholstered Furniture by Moroso paper planes doshi levien

An additional siting delight by Doshi & Levien – this time with a material inspired by a graph – paper and a shape that reminds of origami sculpture. These are snug sittings that have a particular lightness and cozy presents.

Fantastic Upholstered Furniture by Moroso tv chair marc newson impossible wood nipa doshi jonathan levien

The Australian designer Marc Newson calls this creation of his a Television-Chair – metal framework and neutral colors are the signature design of this four pack set.

The two Native American designers Nipa Doshi & Jonathan Levien existing these wonderful chairs with exclusive types, which are created from progressive materials – sturdy and versatile, trendy and compatible,  but most of all bio-degradable –an eco-alternative to plastic.

Fantastic Upholstered Furniture by Moroso banjooli sebastian herkner

Curved lines and energetic colors:  for this collection the designer Sebastian Herkner was inspired by the courtship dance of the ostriches in East Africa. The distinctive form of the steel construction is made a decision in a two-tone pattern. Banjooli is handmade in Senegal, and each and every item is unique.

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