Far Pond House Design by Bates Masi Architects

Bates Masi Architects

The “Far Pond” house change present developing on 3,one hundred sqft site location in Southampton, New York. The present framework consists of glulam submit and beam building connected with steel plates. Since the present residence obviously expressed the structural program, the addition need to also express this.

The new structural panels multitask all through the addition. The strong steel transitions to a perforated panel that baffles the sunlight over windows and doors. The light good quality varies throughout the day as light levels transition by way of the overlapped perforations. Fins that protrude from the wall panels are laser cut to accept shelving, seating and countertops.

“The architect chose to clearly recognize the existing system of the property and produce a dialogue with a contrasting panelized system in the addition. The new method utilizes prefabricated factors that resolve multiple structural and spatial troubles.

Examining the method of a kit of elements, existing material fabrication technologies are utilized to broaden on this notion. A diverse approach to sustainability is explored, minimizing waste by simplifying to the important components in purchase to resolve multiple problems, hence eliminating common development waste. Making use of a regular as a precedent and establishing a new structural program paired with the most recent technologies, a materials can accomplish a number of duties and heighten the expertise of inhabiting the area.

Prefabricated shear wall panels, utilised in light frame development in locations that are hurricane susceptible with large force winds, were studied. Most are made from a light gauge metal folded to add power and rigidity. For our situation the panels have been to be exposed and utilised for far more than just a hidden structural part.

A common light gauge 4×8 steel sheet was folded back and forth along the prolonged axis adding the same strength and rigidity to the panel. The resulting 2’ panel locks into adjacent panels and is a structural shear and bearing assembly, as properly as a decorative furnishings component.

Using new technologies to fabricate personalized panels from a standard solution accomplishes many items: much less materials is required to obtain better structural power, numerous applications can be integrated into a single material, waste is minimized resulting in a far more powerful approach to sustainability, and the dialogue between the present and new structural methods elevates the encounter of inhabiting the room.”

Bates Masi Architects

Bates Masi Architects

Bates Masi Architects

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