Ferriol House Design in Mallorca Spain


Sometimes the best uncontrolled combinations switch up for being the best poetical of all…I’m dealing with mixing old fashioned beliefs using the greatest technical accomplishments. In Mallorca, Spain there’s a fantastic case in point of easy methods to change this poetic statement right right into a concrete reality: Ferriol House!

Placed afterwards of your smallish street made primarily by ancient standard houses, this two-story building has 300sqm of constructed location. The house presents little street-facing windows so that you can quietly preserve the initial streetscape.

Also the volume follows this sensible condition: this new architecture matches delicately within the avenue silhouette, coordinating the height at on just one part and growing a surplus of half-story throughout the in contrast characteristic. But enables discover the true meaning of alternating over and existing architectures.


On the ground floor a magnificent distribution with the ethnical areas makes it possible for a deep relation concerning exterior and interior: kitchen and having lived room are facing the ample garden inserted within the website area although a sleeping quarters and toilet are facing the street.

In the central on the plan’s composition, an original staircase – illuminated with a little interior terrace – brings our steps in the direction of very first level where three bedrooms and two bathrooms offer the required privacy. In fact, separated levels split rooms on both surfaces respecting the site’s topography that slopes upwards towards another road in the back again.



Materials also enjoy a significant factor here: painted threshold beams are eventually left uncovered on wooden ceilings although magnifying glaas displays present banisters for staircases and balconies. White painted stucco facades are brilliantly made with wooden shutters bringing old-style architectural vocabulary right into a whole new spoken language: modern architecture!






* More info at Ripolltizon

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