Flexible Paper Sculptures Bend Decoration Ideas

girl ii documents accordion-like sculpture

At earliest glance, these sculptures appear just as fragile porcelain or ceramic – but they disguise a amazing solution. Beijing artist Li Hongbo‘s sculptures are actually created from 1000s of layers of basic light paper, glued with each other into heavy accordion-like patterns that only appear 100 % sturdy once there’re nonetheless.

girl and boy paper sculptures

woman on sofa paper sculpture

When grabbed and manipulated, their real characteristics is revealed. They are accommodating and complex, are able of stretching abundant distances and shopping altogether otherworldly, specially man’s numbers.

paper sculpture bust

wooden cube paper sculpture illusion

Li Hongbo was prompted by regular Chinese toys designed from intricately folded and glued portions of slender paper. The toys are recorded toned but receptive as long as expose fun, playful styles.

skull li hongbo paper sculpture

Likewise, Li Hongbo’s sculptures exist in two various expresses. Their static cling condition is stable, strong and attractive – but if they may be moved, their true nature is revealed. They are ephemeral, not stable; airy, not solid – though the attractiveness of those variable sculptures continues to be.

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