Food Parcel Design by Anna Glansen and Hanna Billqvist

Picking up a ready meal with the supermarket for lunch always is included with just a little tinge of guilt whenever you recognize just just how much packaging there exists being left. An awesome new style of biodegradable packaging could easiness plenty of that guilt and share you a preferably fun display to watch as you wait for lunch to cook dinner.

The packaging, created from 100% bio-based and biodegradable materials, will begin out as being a compact, closed dish. Presumably the dish might possibly be full of an instant meal that demands only hot water including several minutes to cook. After removing a smaller strip of protecting material that encircles the bowl, you pour hot water right right into a hole on top – understanding which is when the magic happens.

Over several minutes’ time, the small package parts and blooms into a bowl. The hole you previously poured water through can now offer as being a convenient solution to carry your ramen noodles for the breakroom table. The conceptual packaging was developed by Swedish company Innventia and creators Anna Glansen and Hanna Billqvist.

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